Stock Photo of a Dog

February 20, 2008

Thought this was cool … here is one of the latest free stock images from iStock.
Photo of a dog licking a woman
Stock photo of a dog licking a woman’s face

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Web Icons and Images of Business People – Cool Stock Photos

February 18, 2008

Two great collections of stock photos …

When I am looking for web icons for a project I typically check out iStockphoto as they have a number of sets of icons. Check out some of the web icons. They have web icons in a number of styles, and also icons for other applications (for example a desktop application).

This collection of business people has been useful … stock images of business people. There are easy ways to narrow the search if you would just like business women or business men.

Stock Images for Christmas: Stock Image of Santa

November 28, 2007

Yeah – its that time again. I need a stock image of Santa for an ad I am developing. Here is the one I think I will use.
stock image santaSanta stock image
There are a bunch more relevant photos here (keeping them for my reference):
more santa stock images
stock images with christmas theme
Christmas images featuring Jesus
Christmas tree images
stock images of christmas gifts

More for Independence Day – Statue of Liberty Stock Photos

June 30, 2007

statue of liberty
stock image statue of liberty

This is a highly rated stock photo of the Statue of Liberty on iStockphoto.
More: Statue of Liberty Stock Photos
This would be a great image to use for Independence Day.
Independence Day Stock Images

July Fourth Stock Images

June 24, 2007

United States Flag
stock image US flag

Decorate your website this July Fourth with Independence Day stock photos …

Independence Day Stock Images
July Fourth Stock Images

Found these stock images useful – June 5th

June 5, 2007

woman reading book

man with a cellphone

stock image fly, little bubble!

stock image morning web

stock image winfield scott

stock image mountain forest

Found these stock images useful – June 1st

June 1, 2007

stock image white-breasted nuthatch

in a control center stock image

stock image stirring the wok

stock image aerial view of houses in typical home

stock image textile production

stock image pirate flag

stock image taxi!

stock image home office

stock image give me five

stock images fern